real beauty

growing up as a kinda chubby nerd w virtually no athletic qualities, there were many times in my life i felt ugly, gross, unwantable. these feelings lead to actions that are definitely not safe or desirable or for children, but children go through them everyday. little girls allowing others to validate the women they are to become and the person they are at the moment.
i am happy to see a shift in perceived beauty. i am so excited to see the different ages and colors and structures of women in the media. little girls w little to no ego grow up to be women w little to know ego, giving birth again to a girl w little to no ego, all the while everyone is struggling for love and acceptance generally through things outside of themselves. we have forgotten the fountain within ourselves that nourishes and encourages who we are. we are told through commercials, limited access to certain clothing styles, drs, feminine “hygiene” companies, miss clairol, cosmo magazine, jenny craig, and the boys and girls in the hallways, who incidentally are struggling the same as anyone else w identity, that we are less than worthy, we are not beautiful in our natural state, we should be altered to mold into a pattern better suited to the human eye. but everything about this is wrong! we would never say a gift given to us was unworthy of opening bc we don’t like the wrapping paper, why do we tell ppl that their packaging is more important than content of character?
here’s the skinny, the real deal. girls you are supposed to have curves, boobs aren’t supposed to be one size, big boobs aren’t for everyone, no matter what you look like on the outside if you treat ppl w love and kindness you are beautiful or if you treat ppl like shit you are not so beautiful. when you have children your body changes and that is cool-you grew a person, celebrate that shit! you should age! grey hair and wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of-it is beautiful and wonderful and it means you have made it this far! there is no right way to be beautiful. if you want to wear makeup cool deal, if you don’t you are no less a beautiful flower than the next girl! rock you! love you! push the crown of your head to the clouds bc no matter what you are a star!


One comment

  1. jmlol · December 31, 2013

    Shine on my sister!

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