fake friends in fake fur making slandering remarks or my view of ppl full of shit

what does it look like

the world you live in

does it rain upside down

from the ground to the sky

i am incapable of understanding

your righteous indignation

comparing oppressions like

a deck of pokemon cards

screaming about bigotry

you have come across

being a woman

being a mother

being a sister and daughter

so rough on the soul

and noone will ever know

how hurt you are

yelling at strangers

threatening your wrath

unless they are thinking

just like you

because anything else is

your persecution and marginalization

it’s not your fault

what happened to the black people

back in the day

no one has been as victimized

as you have been


refusal to look at privilege

that you can use to help others

keeping your attack dog

on a long leash

sometimes he just

gets a little out of hand

and calls for the heads

of the ones seen

as bad, evil sorts

that no one else can comprehend

the pain you feel

“why would a trans-person be a christian

isn’t that like a black man attending

a klan rally”

“i am so tired of people who claim

to be treated with prejudice

it would seem they should

hate the christian world too”

“it’s not like they accept fags anyway!”

the pain inflicted by you

and your guard dog

is in the acceptable hatred

category because you have been hurt

you are vacant, mean and spiteful

you are hateful and obnoxious

i wish i had seen you without your mask previously

there is no way,

even as liberal as you claim to be,

that i can be in the company

of progressive bigots and liars.


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