a window to see into myself from outside in

shattered glass in the hallway

a mirror with a story to tell

a fist to the face

of the person portrayed

millions of peices

covered in blood spatter


the cieling

the face

the hall

the glass giving picture

of hidden




a blast heard

around the world

sparking self combustion

shards digging into the feet

only causing slight discomfort

justified punishment

footprints in blood

indecent and inaccessible

too many times

round and round

the mulberry bush

leaving all things

that were facing north

now facing south

tremendous burdens

terrible expectations

incapable of change

rigid and suspended

the scars deep

whelped and red

to hate the person

standing in the mirror

causing a split in character

despising the ongoing funhouse





creating the intimate and insecure

of the emotional/mental/cognative

reflecting it into the physical default



eyes of the dead

fear and dread

the basis of the foundation of life

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