monster bride-my favorite fiction from 2013


artwork by jenn meyers

artwork by jenn meyers

monster bride is an amazing book!  there are hidden treasures of history and ancient cultures.  it is full of vivid metaphors and imaginative comparisons to life in the western civilization.  the story of polycorpus plumber, who was a girl made of pieces and parts of others and then brought to life, and her loves, dreams, fears and passions.  the characters you meet in the book can make your stomach churn and your heart break, sometimes simultaneously.  there were certain characters i loathed but by the end of the book they are great heroes and epic figures.  the twist and turns are webs leading to new areas of enlightenment of the world we live in today.  while there is quite a bit of sex in the book, in no way would i call it a romance novel!  there are scenes of feral sex, passion, heat, temperament and seduction.  the gentle portrait of the feminine is not included in monster bride.  the centerpiece of the novel is the high intellect and extreme empowerment of the female, the claiming of  life and lusts, the satisfaction of needs and desires.  nothing is what it seems, w the exception of polycorpus!

i recommend this book to anyone who loves literature, science fiction, passionate sex scenes, female empowerment, culture, and everything in between!  it is an amazing roller coaster ride, and when it is over you will be in dire straights for more!


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