justice wears a pink feather boa and combat boots

what the fuck is happening

humanity is disappearing

in a puff of smoke

like a $10 magician

in  a dingy theater on friday nights

the time of innocence dwindles

never allowing our future

a security or a promise

sirens and boots

the song of life

a badge and a gun

the illusion of safety

with the deployment

of tasers and pepper spray

the sound of the club against the skull

crashing wayward

cracking the vagabond

smashing the desperate

who looked

too queer

too poor

too dark

to be up to any good

our promise of a future

of contentment and abundance

whispered in the womb

was a lie

trust has been collected and counted

among the many things

no longer held as sacred

it is ouroboros

cops verses robbers

are the grey days

of history captured and framed in gold

we have graduated

soldiers veruses civilians

police-states verses masses

semi-automatic death

kevlar dresses

sweeping across the floor

chemistry sets creating

criminals in jars

the power found

at the trigger of a gun

is embraced with a kiss

so passionate

so lovely

so sweet

the smell of death

on street corners

mothers throwing themselves

on the funeral pyre

dying with the beloved

crossing  the river styx

the ferryman and his coins



and the lovely persephone

awaiting our patriotic nightmare


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