Prosecutor Says All Witnesses To Police Shooting Are Wrong Except For Cop Who Did the Shooting

i have noticed that police are making many headlines, especially in the alternative media, for uncontrollable violence against citizens, and for the most part they are walking away, job and pension intact while there is a family standing in the wings mourning the loss of someone who was extremely important to them-a son, a daughter, a parent, a partner…and even if it is a person wo family, name or fame that is irrelevant in that all life has intrinsic value, but the ppl wo a support system are rarely spoken for or their killers even made to stand trial. the fact that we have police so ready to shoot a person is a disgusting reality. force, lethal and nonlethal alike are far too often used in our society, and the constant militant style policing seems to be creating more violent criminals.
we have gone from a society that should be attempting to prevent crime to one of delusional retribution and punishment, yet we are smack-dab in the middle of, what many seem to describe as warfare ever pushing the violence factor into a more commonplace occurrence than ever before.
i am always baffled when ppl vote to add more police to the police force under the impression that will somehow prevent crime. these are usually the same ppl who do not support community projects, access to free and appropriate education, any social assistance and proper sex ed, which are all ways to lower crime without making our streets a battlefield. as a society we turn our backs on the mentally unstable, shutting down mental health facilities at alarming rates and leaving those who are suffering from a mental/emotional/personality illness to fend for themselves. we no longer fund rehabilitation centers for drug addicts to turn to for help, despite the alarming amount of ppl who are addicted to drugs. these things have been turned over to the prison system, creating a surplus of ppl in jail. many jails and prisons face dangerous over population with prisoners spilling out into corridors.

for the most part ppl do not turn to crime for the sheer joy of it all. it is usually a reaction to environment. there are of course exceptions to the rule but even with those exceptions there is some triggering point, a catalyst for the deviant behavior. there have been sociological studies done within our country and many things have been enacted in other countries proving that w the implementation of certain social programs and economic programs, crime-especially violent crime-decreases on a massive scale, but for some reason we are more interested in building cages than communities. this leads to a cycle of criminal behavior by tearing apart families and subjecting young children to criminal behavior, despite our words and our threats, ppl will do what they must in order to survive. if a person is only taught one way to live, it is what they know, it’s all they have to go on, and even with some politician or teacher or clergy promising a better future if you stay in school or go to college or don’t do drugs or don’t join gangs, it’s just a bunch of promises that fall flat; it is a fairy tale that is not truly available to certain ppl.

so we will continue to have a police state who’s sole purpose is to catch criminals and we will have criminals who’s sole purpose is to evade arrest to get a leg up and survive within situations that are as volatile as mixing ammonia and bleach. this ouroboros will continue until we look at the realities of ppl’s lives without the aid of rose tinted glasses. more and more there will be a “crackdown on crime” which will create tougher, more creative criminals. we will keep the school to prison pipeline going and thriving. ceo’s of private prisons will continue to get fat on the incarceration of human beings, adults and children alike. we will continue to be in dire straights for foster parents, and the police will stand at the ready to shoot another kid, “who looked like a criminal” down with no accountability for the action of taking a life.

Dispatches from the Underclass

Back in November, a cop in Battle Creek, Michigan shot 14-year-old Nicholas King in the shoulder because he was carrying a toy gun, which the officer says he mistook for a real one. Police were responding to reports that there was a man carrying a gun at the Drive Thru Party Store.

After just four seconds of pulling up to the scene and two commands, Officer Esteban Rivera opened fire on King. Several witnesses told investigators that the officer had no reason to shoot. But here’s the kicker: the prosecutor, who cleared Rivera of wrongdoing in December, says the witnesses are all wrong. From Newschannel 3 (emphasis mine):

Prosecutor David Gilbert poured through witness statements given by the girls shown in the video and a 911 call. He determined every witness account compared to the evidence was at least partially inaccurate, except for Officer Rivera’s. The prosecutor adds Rivera had to…

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