mountaintop removal coal mining is deadly, just ask the thousands left without water after toxins spill into water supply

on thursday a company that likes blowing up the sides of beautiful mountains that are the homes to so many wonderful plants. animals, insects, ppls called freedom industries accidentally leaked gallons and gallons of a toxic cleaner called mchm (4-methylcyclohexane methanol) leaving thousands of ppl in nine different counties in west virginia without usable water.  the water has been poisoned to the extent that it is unusable for anything other than flushing the toilet.  there is no water in nine counties!  please take a moment and let that fact sink in and settle in the grey matter, turn it around in your mind for a moment.  there are a few critical needs for life, water is one of those, and there is no usable water.  no drinking, no cleaning, no cooking, no bathing, no water!

in november mike roselle and friends (james guin mcguinness who is my friend) of climate ground zero created an action to bring attention to the extremely toxic effects of mountaintop removal coal mining.  the action was focused on the dust, which contains so many toxins itself.  roselle was arrested when he delivered a bit of the coal dust to the governor’s mansion and refused to take it back.

now, less than two months later the citizens of west virginia are faced with another deadly threat.  the mchm that leaked has since soaked  into the ground water and has also made it’s way into the elk river.  the extent of the damage done by this “oops, my bad” action of freedom industries is undetermined.  when will the water in west virginia be clean enough for ppl to even take a shower?  no idea!  what about the fish in the river?  no idea!  how far will this water travel and how long until it will be diluted enough to lose it’s toxicity, and what about all the ppl who will come into contact with that water until that happens?  no idea!!!!  how many ppl were effected before the leak was discovered?  hmmm…debatable!  how much mchm escaped into the water system? can’t really give a concrete on that one.

for decades environmental activist have spoken out against mountaintop removal coal mining.  they have begged and come up with sustainable alternatives that will not leave cancerous impacts on the population and can be accomplished without destroying ancient structures of mother nature.  we have known this is dangerous!  we have known for so long that the miners from a century ago were subjected to illnesses and chronic health issues, not to mention the immediate danger at hand, but the major economic options for the ppls of the appalachian region is, unfortunately, mining leaving residents with little options.

i am disgusted and afraid!  i am tired of our planet being tortured and maimed for profit of some fat cat in a silk suit!  i am tired of knowing that there are human beings who will die due to the negligent actions of some corporation that will make some blanket apology and pay a relatively small fine while in the comfort of their air conditioned offices with bottles of water in buckets filled with ice far removed from the extreme devastation they have caused.  they will worry about the public relations aspect of this catastrophe, not the personal repercussions of it all-that kind of pr is left for the poor citizens of west virginia to live with. please think of these ppl when turning on your light and your computer.  please take a moment and whisper a hope for the ppl who will suffer so much damage from this tragedy when you get some ice out of your freezer.  please think of this when you hear clean fuel or clean coal, the aftermath of these concepts is of global consequence.  the least we can do is keep those taking the biggest hit of this catastrophe in the front of our minds while using the energy that took their lives.

for more information about mountaintop removal coal mining and issues facing the ppl of west virginia please visit



  1. Catherine Fowler · January 12, 2014

    Reblogged this on Shania's song..

  2. Catherine Fowler · January 12, 2014

    Mountaintop removal led up to this!?? I hate mountaintop removal!

    • cakeleevannila · January 13, 2014

      mountaintop removal coal mining is all around a very nasty thing! companies kill all living things, then blow up mountains literally. the dust is full of toxins and after the mountain has been stripped of all the hidden treasures inside the companies are supposed to start to revegatate but that is impossible bc the ground has too much poison in it for life to grow again. i am sure you have seen this firsthand living in wva.

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