ceo of freedom corporation is sad

freedom industries, the company wholly responsible for the lead of mchm into the water system of 9 counties, leaving immediately 300,000 ppl without water.  any water.  the water was poisoned.  the media response from those hanging from the top rungs of freedom industries corporate latter has been minimal.  the president, gary southern, showed little if any remorse during a press conference on thursday after the epa informed the “coal cleaning industry” of the leak of their poison into the water supply-that’s right, the company was informed by a bureaucratic agency!  mr. southern let the public know he was tired and had a long day as he sipped causally on a bottle of water.  that wasn’t a big ol’ slap in the face to the hundreds of thousands of ppl that his company had left with no water except to flush the toilet!  shelves of stores were stripped bare of bottled water and other liquids within hours of the release of information that at least 7,500 gallons of crude mchm had seeped into the water supply.

dennis farrell the ceo of freedom industries has also been silent in response to the crisis the citizens of west virginia were facing.  but luckily for us, his girlfriend kathy-strover kennedy has been good and loud, speaking to the public via social media.


 o, i should also mention that kathy-strover kennedy is the social media strategist for freedom industries!  the nonchalant attitude of what had happened to so many ppl writing this off as a casual inconvenience that her bunny faced love bug denny just didn’t have time to deal with or even address.

at this time the mchm is flowing from the elk river heading down the ohio river which empties into the mighty mississippi river.  due to the fact that there is no absolute for sure grand total of how much poison leaked into the water, therefore, they cannot estimate how long it will take before the toxic cleaner is diluted enough for human consumption.  the only thing that is certain is that there are alot of ppl in danger, a huge amount of water has become toxic and the aftermath is unknown.  we also know that the ppl responsible for this tragedy are in denial and running like rats off of a sinking ships, leaving their barbie-doll faced mouthpiece to attempt at some damage control through use of attempting to victimize the ppl who should have their heads on the chopping blocks!


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