medusa strikes again more venomous than ever

for days, weeks

morning to night

spinning out of control

confused and blindfolded

turning inside out

worry, dread, fear

no intentional

action, reaction, inaction

friendships swirling

down drains in

tiny little hurricanes

very few comforts

no stuffed animals

in the corner

no baby dolls

in the bed

the blankies

all gone and removed

from memory

ghosts echoing

phrases said before

words flowing from

mouths just different teeth

and lips fuller

sometimes thinner

all composed with

tongues twisting excuses

like snakes in a pit

vipors, lying cowards

and more fools

than can be held accountable

it’s nothing new

like reruns of

three’s company

seen over and over

how many times can one

person stub their toe

on the same stair

refusing to pick up their feet

insisting the stair move

it’s all the same

a dance of facades

to songs of rhythm

speeding up

slowing down

but the song stays

remaining unchanged

the lyrics pull tighter

a noose around the throat

only allowing a yard or two

before breath is gone

life exhausted and spent


One comment

  1. lkuntz2014 · January 14, 2014

    ❤ you precious lady.

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