the eradication of my soul and cremation of what is left

meticulous in designing

hours evolving as days

days reform to months

holding hands of children

afraid, alone, and tortured

arms embracing those

seeming to drown

into darkness and confusion

the man who lost his friend

the girls sexually assaulted

answering phone calls

in the middle of the night

calming someone down

or the voice of a young man

crying on the other end

because his dad didn’t raise him

to be a faggot

contracted to build community




growing into a web

more striking than

any arachnid symphony

glistening on a sunny day

the dream manifested

taking shape and alive

in a puff of smoke

stolen, damaged, gone

the name is the same

mist and mirrors

slight of hand

a spade living in the palm

ready for expulsion anytime

comradery replaced by egos

no return for helping people

none that you can hoard

no photo ops

no glitter or gold

i mourn the loss daily

my brainchild ripped apart

smiling is hard to do

being lonely filled with fears

too much time is spent

crying rainbow tears


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