what are you so proud of?

coming up next:

the shocking controversy

love and commitment

on paper products and rubber-stamped

the face behind the curtain

the nasty ugly witch

flashing across the screen

seeing tiny pictures

in a tiny book

of the tiny people

with the tiny minds



the green face

i dream

of smashing and disfiguring

a small repayment

for the tornado

created only to spin

dropping a house

on my person-hood

on my sanity

my reputation left

only smoldering embers

with no flames

no chance to reignite

my feet marching

on the yellow brick road

designed and erected

by my own hands

which lay


by my side

my ego shattered




no refuge or escape

even swimming in poppies

taking deep opium breaths

the fates dancing

to the rhythmic beating

of self-reconciliation

a sun bleached sand

a barren wasteland

where my thoughts

resided and grew

stolen, raped and distorted

twisted into something new

flying monkey henchmen

the red fucking shoes

i’d proudly add the water

watch you burn and twist

then skip ahead smiling

laughing as i go

over the rainbow


what's on your mind?

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