my anthem-an attempt at cheerful rhyming

one pig two pig

red white and blue pig

tell me how does the pig

find harmony, you dig?

what does it take to be free

opening my eyes and just to see

my oppression is caused solely by me

decisions to stand up and to fight

for what i tell me is right

i will not succumb to the horrors and fright

fighting for all

some big and some small

skinny, fat, stumpy, tall

it’s time to get up and sing

within yourself

“let freedom ring

to hell with the king!!”

let the prisoners go

demanding justice all night and day-o

kick and scream until all masters fall down, yo!




  1. vicbriggs · January 17, 2014

    Strong and powerful…

    • cakeleevannila · January 17, 2014

      thank you so much! your opinion means alot to me, you are a fantastic poet!!! i love reading your work!!!!
      i am not sure how other’s do it, their processes, but mine is pretty convoluted. i can’t see the poem, think it out in my brain but i see a word or two then form around that. today i was just taking a shower and for some reason i was getting all dr, seuss in the brain, spinning the stories i read to the kids around in my brain, and i am always crazy and political and ta-da! the first rhyming poem i have written since grade school and read howl for the first time and found out that i was allowed to write poetry without the structure of rhyme. i always felt like i was reaching for rhyme and at times making negotiations with terminology choosing words that were, at times, less powerful to keep pace. i have read poetry that rhymes that is amazing, though! i just don’t have the discipline. i can’t write haiku, either!

      • vicbriggs · January 17, 2014

        We each have our own ways, the great thing about writing poetry is that rules need not apply. Thank you for sharing.

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