West Virginia Girl, All Bottled Up

west virginia residents still in danger despite the “all clear”. as humans, we need to educate ourselves, and be as vocal as we can be about these serious ecological issues. the spill in west va, while as vile as it is, is really only the tip of the very large iceberg capable of sending us spiraling. the ppl of the appalacians have been poisoned via water for decades, the results of mtr coal mining sent flowing down river, has been occurring for so long. the government is protecting the collective asses of big business over the small individual at every turn, redefining the words “toxic” and “fill material” to allow for even larger amounts of chemical dumping into the water supply. this is not just an issue for those who have residency in the appalachian region. the toxicins introduced into the water supply almost 2 weeks ago effects more than just the 300,000 citizens who’s water is so damaging it leaves burns on the skin. this is a global issue effecting every bit of life on the planet! how long are we going to sit idly by and allow the interest of capitalistic pigs to trump the interests of the world’s life?


“We are not going to change our life because of the Water Company”…

This post is a little different than my usual, but then again, my life is a little different than usual.Image

As I walked into one of my favorite coffee shops in town today, I cautiously asked, “Are you still using bottled water?”  The cashier politely responded, “No, sorry, we are not” So I longingly looked at the perfect slice of tiramisu behind the glass and replied, “Ok, that changes things then, I will just have a bottle of water”.  I then took my water, reserved my usual seat, and jaunted to the restroom.  As I left the restroom, I imeadiately realized that I needed to dig out my own personal stash of hand sanitizer before unscrewing the cap of my bottled water and pulling out my laptop to work.

As I settled in, I began to reflect…

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