the logic of chess the logic of warfare


molotov cocktails and rubber bullets

one side then another

spies and intelligence officers go between

i didn’t even know we were at war

you and i

it’s was all news to me

until the shot fired and heard around my world

headlines in a cryptic status update

hoping for destruction

action toward annihilation

because somebody told you

something the other somebody

may have said one day

had it just been left alone

if the subject were dropped

things would be much different

but now, you have gone too far

you crossed the boundary

between acceptable and reprehensible

for a moment you danced on the fence

you got to boogie oogie on the line

never really committing to one side

it was never your war to begin with

then you imitated and embodied

the american pie of interjection

pushing your nose where it doesn’t belong

lips flapping in the wind spewing

words you can’t define

grabbing position and away you go

possession is nine-tenths of the law

and how you do love holding it all

in the palm of your hand,then  clenching tightly

knowing it is your’s, noone will take it away

the trouble is your cause is hallow

your skull bouncing ideas around

sounding like a child crying in a cave

echoing back, nothing to muffle

the sound of clicking as opinions

ping pong through your mind

you made a choice, a decision

you must live with the consequences

now that i know, now that i see

we are at war

you and me

i have no issue preventing

the disfigurement of your ego

the grinding of your self esteem

you chose to take the seat my opposite

at the chess board, my opponent

there will be no mercy, no white flag

you see, the war has started

you can’t undo the shots fired

pulling bullets backwards into the barrel

it’s too late now, your turn has ended

in 3 quick moves i will crush you

be prepared and be aware

i am coming and there is not

a force in the cosmos able to save

your king from the mighty checkmate



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