the dance of the goddess in your eyes

there are days i run

capturing wind in a jar

i can pluck a star from the sky

put it in a box

and tie it up with a bow

your love smells of honeysuckle

and springtime rain

i want to dive into your eyes

swim in your brain

and then bask in the light

emanating from the inside of you

when i look at myself

a reflection in the window to the soul

when i see me standing there

i am beauty

i am worthy

i am your’s

i am goddess

dancing for your soul

with love and laughter

i will wrap you in a rainbow

you are a sigh of relief

that tingles my toes

laughing, spinning, twirling

bubbles dancing around my head

a childlike innocence growing

inside a landscape

that was deemed barren

void of any life even worse love

you fill me to the brim

over flowing over again

a well springing and pushing

life and love into me

i want to turn the world around

i want to hold it out

giving it all to you

full moon of cerridwen

my wise and peaceful danu


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