caution explicit content! rape culture playing hide and seek in alleys

the game of patient hiding

behind the dumpster

crouching ready to pounce

hands squeezing throats

slamming a head against pavement

ripping the  checkered dress

pull it over the eyes

exciting when she screams

she will never forget

being with a real man

she will stop fighting it

they all stop resisting

“stupid bitch, stop crying!

you are lucky i found you

now you belong to me!”

stealing the innocence

of little girls with pigtails

they will go to the cops

who will test and probe

finding nothing

except a broken girl infected

soon to sick to breathe

bleeding out her dreams

on the wet concrete

see you know the law

innocent until proven guilty

that is their fatal flaw

skirting justice, laughing

holding all the tricks

knowing the shimmy jimmy

playing dodge ball in life

it may work, you think you got away

but it comes creeping and crawling

a punch to the gut unexpected

karma’s got you by the balls

universal righteousness

time to pay the price

the hunter being hunted

time reversal you playing the prey

you are in the cross-hairs

metal cold in hands

the sight to the eye

finger pulls the trigger

and lets the bullets fly


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