the national bushy2 growing candybars

we see you, vlad the impaler

was the air too damp in romaina

a move to a better climate

as you lay and bask in the texas sun

soaking up the rays wards off depression

not to mention helping with your tan

surrounded by the bodies of enemies

stick up the ass and out of the mouth

the men and women asking for water

oh how they will pay!

skin dripping drying slowly

some of it bugs carried away

vultures know it’s time to feed

the rats square dance in your honor

fed the rotting pieces of flesh

that has fallen from the bone

and once the sun has scorched

the skull and it’s good and dry

you fill it with fine wine

and serve it when you entertain

all except the children, the tiny rosy cheeks

are stuffed and proudly mounted

among the trophy heads of rhinos

no one really cares about the those people

always begging at the feet of america

we take our boot and kick in their teeth

somehow you found a loophole

you trickster jolly fool

a way to make a profit through starvation

sleep, sensory and water deprivation

they won’t last long now

if they come and try to grab it

if you catch them collecting rain

always kill  them slowly

you love the screams of pain


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