crazy education

so my son is taking us history, and i have gotten reports from other people who’s kids have been in this woman’s class saying she was a conspiracy theory nut case.  but sam had not said anything, so i just thought he knows the difference and so whatever, as long as he can tell the difference in her insanity and her teaching, no big deal.  but today, he came home, and said

mom, guess what my history teacher told us today!!!!!  she is nuts!  she is the one william had and was moved out bc she is so crazy!  she told us that king george the iii was a vampire and that is why he hated the colonist!  she is bat shit crazy, mom!  like she was for real!

what do you say to that?  how do you even reason that out in your mind?  that is the most ridiculous shit, aside from the sex ed bullshit i have had a report of!  good god, they will hire anyone!


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