maybe they are right, it maybe insanity

‘”you need to come in to see the doctor

make sure you are 15 minutes early

or we will cancel the appointment”

water from the shower

the warm drops

in quick succession

feeling that in each bubble

a knife sent piercing flesh

stabbing my body everywhere

blood replaced by water

running rivers down my body

the warm steam causes

the expulsion of bile

when all that was gone

swirling down holes

making me dizzy,whirling

like a drunkard at closing time

the proper means of transportation

was decided,  taking her lunch

i can’t do this by myself

the comfort of her hand in mine

her smile relaxing me

but still shake with fear

dread and horror are not driving

the the black coach of torrment

it’s been carefully constructed

using only the best materials

muteness, dismissal, narcissism

held together by panic nails

no answers for you, you are healthy

thank you and goodbye

the tears pool behind my lids

just another wasted trip

just another slap to the face of ego

just another punch in the gut


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