when brothers battle

a civil war shadowing kane and abel

attacks all teeth and claws

throwing words like bullets

coming in full speed between the eyes

knocking people to the ground

stepping over the bloated

corpses of the enemies

purple- bluish bruises cold

engaged in the romantic decay

it’s all about the approach

it’s all about the way you wave

a cocky smile and a wink

a lift of the chin and the clicking

of the finger gun bang bang

chomping at the bit for action

accusations and humiliations

set to go off any moment now

bombs of personal epic proportion

an a-bomb swallowed down

a pill caught in the throat

time to make your peace

tomorrow ain’t promised

your position compromised

coming up behind

attacking from all sides

no more retreat

no surrender

go down like a fighter

champ til the end

what's on your mind?

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