things sting

the emotional torment


suicide attempts

black out

refusing to take the medications

another wave beating the rock

into a submissive pebble

breaking it down on a molecular level

taking it’s value and substance

releasing it vastly into the world

i mean

isn’t it supposed to be that way

just leave all this still intact

no matter what your reason

for losing matter

doesn’t make you matter less

if it was stolen in the night

or given like a cheap whore for a quick buck

the loss of it is there

crying in a void in deep

crevices and culvert ditches

a quiet shaking, a shiver

through all of humanity

the consequences great

to the actions and reactions

of the elemental compounds

ingested, digested, misdirected

by you and your insecurities

shaking generations at the core

the tide drawn by the lunatic stages

the moon and her cronies

making a standing ovation

at your presence, applauding

with zealous fashioning

to the existence of you

dam the world

contain and box the wild

the waves against rocks

splitting it open

exposing all the gooey middle

like a cadbury egg left in the sun

the foil burnt into the shell

and the guts flowing out

in corn syrup globs

it’s not ok, it’s not alright

it is the reconstructing of universes

multi-verses in your image

atomic bombs of gigantic proportion

on personal scales of growth

and love and peace and options

it is the strip mining of the soul

leaving barren wasteland

but a beautiful sunset


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