the scales of justice teater

first the right side will collapse

slamming against the cabinet

minor adjustments made

small trinkets of ideas

taken from one place to the next

in a useless attempt to balance

the things that are impossibly unbalanced

there will never be a time no matter what

when the metal plates covered with petina

held by rusted aged chains that look tired

are equally hanging in space

a bit here and a bit there

the scale an ever teeter totter

one side dipping the other flying

attempting one-sided war with gravity

gravity doesn’t give a fuck

about the idea of your equality

so the trinket are moved switching plates

causing the scale to teeter totter

one side above the other

the most eloquent look in the mirror

at how the judgement

of the trash and life and love

are measured

those deemed less than

on the scales, the one too high

missing too much to be matter

or to matter too much

beyond the sight

in the mirror and the narcissistic

ideology of self preservation

standing and pulling one here

and another here

arranging the design and pattern

working so hard and so futile

lying to yourself that one day

that scale will be steady…

in the right area

when the wind is blowing

from the east to west

as soon as you think you have

reached some sort of balance

the plates slowing their ebb and flow

it’s an optical illusion not real

as soon as the movement pauses

one side is just slightly off

it’s like you and i, maybe everyone

maybe it’s a subconscious fact

of judgments deeming those

unfit to be happy, to be loved

to be validated in the sunlight

for those of us who know

we have ridden the scale of life

we know the skinny going down

it’s nothing new to us

we all knew it was inevitable

the loneliness of the side of less

so we shrink and hide

trembling trash floating through life

with no purpose or worth

aside from possible entertainment

for a few minutes. comedy relief

brought to you by the scum of the earth

we climb up sitting lotus on the plate

in the dark privacy so no one else knows

how invalid we are

how little it matters

we know what comes after the scales

dance and teeter to determine

your future

your life

your worth

why would we climb up and sit still

for the damnation

of a teeter

of a totter

the ultimate ending knighting

those who are ugly and vile

the best thing that can happen

is the hand of thanatos  emerges

grabbing you saving you from

the looks and hatred in the eyes

of the ones you love the most




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