the punk rock princess

once upon a time in a land not so far away

lived a punk rock princess bopping and screaming

dead milkmen big lizard in my backyard nutrition

she could hear it in her head all night, relentless

she sings the song of sages and the loco gringos

thrown into the mosh pit with no shoes, hardcore

she could jam econo before d boone checked out

five bucks gets you in the door the all ages show

fugazi steady diet of nothing dallas, tx

the walls shook and sweat rained from above

too many people in metal walls, no room to breathe

liberty spikes safety pins leather jacket and combat boots

the proper attire for a punk rocker, all back in the day

before it became cool and hip replacing jazz

as the sound of of the underground and misunderstood

before the bands decided profit over promised priority

the time of cbgb’s and a band tshirt was black marker on white material

the punk princess looked out of her window and remembered

the beautiful vinyl of reds, purples, pinks, blues; first additions

scouring the lyric sheet over and over again wearing the paper thin

hidden nuggets of golden knowledge pointing in the direction to run

a race to buy the album, new record labels, and side projects

a time of zines hand written and copied, beer to those who will staple

punk shows in living rooms and basements packed full of angst

there was a time you knew your comrades by their attire and accessories

the punk rock princess had locked herself away from the world

how can you survive when the crimson ghost is on clothes at walmart

henry rollins models for the gap and bad religion sings christmas songs

she would not live in the broken pieces of her society, once secret and sacred

hot topic selling black flag bars screen printed perfectly, doc martins $200,

the four track went out of style and music is no longer made with instruments

it’s all computers and synthesized bullshit generic meaningless lyrics on top

this was no place for punk rock princess to thrive, she locked the door to the world

then she chewed up the key, no getting through, no compromise of morals

instead punk rock princess remembered that time and the other time and that show

she was loud and clumsy kicking over old bottles of heaven hill impersonating darby

the punk rock princess lived quite happy in the past, and she pogoed all her days!


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