carnival only comes once a year!!!

boys and girls children of all ages just step right up

welcome to the fun-filled carnival of hate and slavery

take an adventure into the exotic house of horrors and lies

don’t forget to check out the new exhibit-pariahs on parade

to the left, get cup of cyanide and grape flavored drink

we are proud to offer a chance to win the competition

the name of the game is “happy murder, happy day”

the first three shots are free, then it’s time to pay

the cost is cheap, endless tries for your humanity

just aim and pull the trigger, simple as can be

easy peasy lemon squeezy, even no need to think

send the hatred hurling, hit the beggars bound in chains

a broken face and broken will the beautiful red dripping

forming tidal pools, the more they bleed the more you win

what are the prizes, you ask, this is only for today

you shot down one, you take it home, mount it on the wall

it only gets better from there, the more you hit and fall

the more you win as you climb toward the big score

i see you salivating as you inhale the smell of death

grand prize if you take them out, a clean shot through the head

lucky you! we’ll string you up so the next one shoots you dead


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