my son elias’ poem written 02-27-14

squinting through half closed eyes

broken smiles and half-baked ideals

“this is our promised land!” they cry

worship of your hate and ignorance

your faith is rancid

kill your brother for the glory of god

child of adam slays in glee

“this is righteous!  this is pure!”




You hate the gays

because your god says to

your children will kill you in his name

“praise the king and god save the queen!”

where is your god for the sick

how many of his chosen feed the starving

“but your love and marriage is sin!”

your laws will mean nothing in the new world

how many have died in one of his names

my god is love

my god is truth

your god is obsolete ideology

your god sets us back hundreds of years

your god is dead!





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