traditional trust in humanity-the flight of the dodo bird


the aphrodites, the advocates, the activist and more

thinkers, painters, movers, shakers

skipping down the highway

shimmy jimmy swingin hips

the grassroots morris code

beautiful creatures screaming madness

through the haze of pepper spray

there is no way to be passive anti-aggressive

time to turn the other cheek

gone the waddling way of the dodo bird

diving head first into the pool of extinction

being soft and flower power

replaced by fist clenched in air

the differences in passive and nonviolent

with daisies and dandyloins and tieddyed love

“turn on tune in drop out”

so groovy man

what a pretty patcholi picture

underneath the purple paisley dreams

the surreal, the unreal, the forreal



big oil, big money, big hair

buying democracy and cuban cigars

they can only hold the power

when we set down the reigns

act do change evolve

always dancing down the halls

paint with glitter

put on your party dress

the time has finally come

beauty in utopian equality

a blue ribbon for everyone

the communal glory sparkles and shines

richard nixon has been replaced

by sylvester mcmonkey mcbean

the ceo of the geo group

all the sneetches locked behind bars

no one can be concerned with stars-

and the ones

who have





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