sappy love poem


you are vital to the me they see

the water moving through cells

special delivery through osmosis

you swim through the all of me

accepting the bitch and the meek

never putting one before the other

hours laughing until it hurts

doubled over in pain grasping bellies

tears dripping out of sockets

the humor no one else understands

our language, our secret, our’s

vows and promises said without words

you are the moon hanging low

a soft light, stirring forgotten emotions

your voice is an ancient instrument

you words are lyrics burned into my soul

you are kindness walking down the street

you are patience holding my hand

humanity freely given through shy smiles

i am gentle in your arms

your kisses are determination

to play a role in your life is an honor

you are the most beautiful painting

“i love you” is too hallow, too cliche

i admire, appreciate, honor and adore you

you are safety, happiness and fairness-compassion

i wake up each morning to see you

realizing you weren’t an impossible dream

sometimes it shocks me and i fill with happiness

a happiness i have never known

your quiet softness a blanket of comfort

even your indecisiveness of what to eat

from the smiles to the tears and through the fears

every breath you take is endearing to me

thank you for the life we have

thank you for wrapping me in your arms

thank you for the radiant perfect smile

thank you for the ringing of bells in your voice

thank you for the sparkles raining down as your laugh

thank you so much for introducing the me i never knew

your coaxed the tiny girl from the box serving as her prison

you have shown me aspects of myself unknown

today i am the person i am capable of being

my love, you are my favorite song


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