happy aniversary


only a weirdo can understand and appreciate another weirdo

you have enriched my life so much, added a depth and explanation

you balance me, you teach me through simply being by my side

botticelli capturing you on canvas, venus beautiful and new

a goddess among mortals, the embodiment of love and sex

you love quietly; love is in your eyes and the funny way you smile

(and even the way you wipe your nose on me)

your love is the way you are compassionate to even the most wicked

a smoldering of embers breaking through the darkness

you have given so much and asked so little in return

hope and eternity, the forever and ever box now decorated

my soul engulfed in your arms finding comfort and safety, strength

you have no interest in boxing the wildness of me, the feral animal

encouraging the emotional heavy weight champion to emerge

swinging with forethought and strategy, no more frenzied war

together we fight the hatred, the intolerance, the oppression

our hands clasped, facing it fearless together, one voice rising

our union is a calm and assurance, a promise of hope and joy

there are no words, no collection of letters, symbols and sounds

dance, whirl and twirl to the beat, you will always be my favorite song


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