crying and trembling

the sound of the forest in the rain

mountain peaks and plummets

indications of metamorphosis

it’s all there in black and white

different shapes and new words

the lines and curves holding each other in intimate embrace

it seems so common


just a neo-hieroglyph on paper

abnormal:deviating from standard, typically undesirable

it has been following me from childhood into this minute


looking around normal seems disgusting


normal is the death of

souls, societies, saints and sinners

normal is pop-up houses and cut-out cardboard people

the standard set by hallow monsters


but the paper

it’s waltzing, twirling giggles and squiggles

changed it all

now inside out

hanging me upside down


was a badge of honor

a proclamation of valor

now a gun pointed at my head, cocked and ready

abnormal the thick fog of uncertainty and dread

painting pictures of confusion and cognitive deterioration

fear soaking and saturating every cell in my body







to no longer be in control of me

lost in the world

the smell of shit and bleach

screams moans pleading

a possibility repeating itself like a scratched record

plastic tubes

water as thick as pudding

locked doors

the abnormal contorting their faces into fake smiles

the hope for an end

a cease fire of suffering

causing internal conflicts and sprouting guilt

“just wait until we find out how abnormal you are”

can’t stop the terrors and the nightmares of wide eyes


no awareness of present times

a living breathing memory

a prison of history

it’s not death or god or no god or dark or fire

the threat is not in the possibilities of the end

madness and degeneration

years of senility


the screaming pain of torture

hiding in shadows










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