christina fallin does it again

christina fallin does it again

o christina christina christina….man, you keep diggin that rich white girl privilege hole deep and deeper don’t ya, sweetheart!  god bless ya bc you are a complete asshole!!!!!!!

apples, trees, the vicinity of one in relation to the other…

quick synopsis in case you don’t follow the forever hateful oklahoma goings on-

mary fallin=evil governor who signs laws to strangle the average citizen of oklahoma.  one of the triple divinity of homophobes who threaten to make all marriage in oklahoma illegal if it is federally mandated that states that recognize straight marriage must recognize gay marriage-she has already stripped the benefits of all national guard members in order to not pay the gay spouses, cuts to education funding, denial of health services, major cuts to social programs like food stamps despite the overwhelming poverty in the state (85% living below the poverty line) not to mention her war on women.

christina fallin=mindnumbing assclown daughter to the evil governor.  she can’t really be considered evil bc she is seriously not smart enough for all that.  she is in a band??  she has recently been in the media for her racist shenanigans.   in early march fallin minor released a promotional photograph of herself in a headdress.  lil fallin was confronted by ppl who see these sorts of things as ummmm cultural appropriation and offensive and not ok.  most of the native ppl i personally know and discussed this whole gross deal with, looked at the original issue of the photograph and the offensiveness as a part of social ignorance.  the real trouble came when christina fallin made a public “apology” which was far from an apology-it was a laundry list of stupid ass excuses as to why she should be able to wear native regalia she has no clue or concept about, my personal favorite excuse that she vomited out was it’s pretty and i wanna have pretty things too!  so instead of taking that experience and saying “damn, even if i don’t understand why, obviously people are offended when i play dress up in sacred native regalia” she made constant excuses, demeaning those who were offended.

for the most part there was quiet on the great wasteland of okahoma stupid.  momma fallin stepped into the spotlight of wretchedness a few times, mostly bc she been in cahoots with other conservatives drafting legislation to block any increase in minimum wage.  then saturday night april 26th baby fallin took the lead again….

at a music festival fallin came out on stage in a shawl that with the word “sheep” written on it, and mocking a native war dance.  the word on the street via social media spread by pink pony the band that christina fallin fronts was that the mistress of offensive would be in full regalia.  of course this prompted many natives to protest the festival, which really just gave fallin another national boost.

it is sad to say, but very true, that many white ppl are completely unaware of how very offensive these sorts of behaviors can be.  we tend to look at the past through our rose tinted glasses seeing yeah all this happened but get over it, it’s not happening now.  now we are all equal!!!!  this concept of “equality” is a hazard.  first of all-no, we are not equal.  equal doesn’t even appear the same way on the brown side of the fence as it does on the white side.  when you are a member of a minority, and your “equality” was a political campaign and is only in place due to legalities, you can have that ripped out from underneath you at any moment.  it’s not a right, it’s a privilege for all ppl of other than to be recognized as human and entitled to rights.  white ppl like to think that we are extremely removed from the prejudices and hatred of the past, it happened so long ago, it should be dead and gone, but this is not at all what is going on in the world!  there are many many many native americans who were sent to the reform schools still alive.  there are natives who grew up looking at scars caused by small pox on the bodies of family members.  this is not ancient history, it is still alive right now today.  the consumption and exploitation of sacred texts, items, ritual, tools, etc is never ever ever ok.  i am pretty far away from being a christian, so if i were to put on that pointy pope hat and start serving sacrament it would offend ppl severely bc that is a sacred rite to many people.  it would obviously be unacceptable bc as a society we do not question the validity of that religion’s sanctity.  for the most part we don’t get offended when we see football players thank their god for the tackle or whatever.  it is not ok to see ppl, families praying before a meal and walk up clapping them on the back.  and yet at the same time we mass distribute white entitlement to cultures that have been oppressed and repressed by ppl who look like us, making happy meal toys from the surviving spiritual, cultural, familial remnants that are remaining of independent nations, white washing and consuming cultures.  it is not ok.  at all.  the foundation of culture and religion and lifestyle is not on the auctioning block. am i saying that white ppl shouldn’t have anything to do with natives and native culture-no that is not what i am saying.  to admire and respect is one thing,  a person is open to understanding and learning without perversion is much different than a person who makes generalized uneducated assumptions never taking the time to understand what they are and are not seeing.  that is demeaning and extremely arrogant!  we are not universally entitled to ownership of anything except ourselves, our knowledge, our experience, our beliefs and our traditions.  there are many planes and areas where lives intersect allowing us the opportunity to learn and teach.  for example my friend is a straight married woman who is comanche and i am a lesbian who is white.  we see the world through different eyes and perceptions, and we keep this in mind when we are discussing issues.  for the most part we agree on things, but our upbringings and cultures bring us to these self-truths in different directions.  is my path more or less valid than hers?  of course not.  is she willing to be patient enough with my ignorance to call me out and explain things from her life-yeah, and i do the same for her.  we have a mutual respect and love for each other.  another example is my partner is from the far north and i am from the south.  we have different words for the same items-i say sacks she says bags, we were raised on different foods, our dialects are different.  is one better, no, obviously one is more comfortable for me and one is more comfortable for her.  but when we take the time to understand where the other person is coming from the real education and enlightenment starts.


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