refusal to put a shirt on! wonderful article

refusal to put a shirt on! wonderful article

(my response to the article written about social beauty…too long to write there)

wow!!! you are a beautiful young lady, overweight or in shape.  the conditioning we allow to bombard us and we tend to inflict, most unaware of what they are doing is a ridiculous waste of time geared toward creating body dysmorphia and even worse in some cases.  using others and their insecurities to boost your low self image is a mental disorder.  being of a certain bmi, body type is not a a horrible act, but being the monster pointing and laughing is and it is a decisive action with forethought and planning.   i am a mother of 3 boys-well ok 2 are technically men, but i am not ok with that….i grew them inside of my body.  i put my health and life in the line of fire to create human life.  my boys were all big-they are finnish, and those ppl are big-they have to be or they will just freeze to death.  i am a small person, 5’3 1/2″ and at the time before my first son i weighed 115 and in really good shape.  being pregnant and your body changing daily as the person inside of you grows, it can be pretty hard to handle.  i had a very difficult time dealing with this change-my mother mocked me (she is not really all that stable in the upstairs department-she was raised on beauty priorities too) constantly, i was young-18, here i was becoming the size of 2 of me.  after my oldest son was born, i started trying to get rid of the skin that hung down.  i got pregnant again.  my middle son and oldest son are exactly eleven and a half months apart.  at that point, screw my body, i couldn’t even brush my teeth or use the bathroom alone.  then i had my youngest who was born premature.  luckily we had taken measures to rapidly increase his lungs bc we knew he was coming soon.  these steroids gave me some severe edema-swelling-but he was born healthy, lungs functioning.  now i look at my belly, scared and cut, looking like a riverbed and i no longer want to have it whacked off.  i am not brave enough to wear a bikini but i am brave and proud enough to look at my reflection and know that i am good.  that is just my story and it’s no different for ppls who gain weight wo ppl creation.  our beauty is not up for auction.  our beauty is not a fashion statement or the cool new pair of shoes.  our beauty is everlasting, proof we are strong, a visible reminder that we are just right where we are as long as we feel just right.  my beauty is not up for debate in social circles of botox and taunt skin over 90 year old bones.  my beauty is mine.

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