everything crumbles eventually


the picture perfect embodiment of the american idiot

the sick-sweet smell of your brain rotting

the spoon fed fox news libertarian

unable to conceal stupid

the ornamental lies tied up in bow

you didn’t have it back in the day

and presently it still eludes you

common sense and decency

shot then buried deep

so none of the bones reemerge

your brand of politics makes me sick

your racist attitude

your homophobic behavior

your nationalist philosophies

don’t tread on me and all that jazz

i pledge allegiance

you have mass produced misery

turning a profit from



loathing of things

you refuse to understand


we are gagged

we are tethered

but you’re incapable of humanity and compassion

you will never hear bells or see the dazzling blooming of life

the last sound is the prayer of good aim and a bullet to the head


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