when i was a young whippersnapper….

this was not the normal state of affairs

back in the day

there was



loud music

beer in bathtubs

we took control of the shit hole motel rooms

where dope is expected

boys who try to play house

when the girl is passed out

bad choice

those behaviors instigating

someone hurling you through a window

scarred for life

the constant reminder that those kids don’t play

punk rock shows in the living room

holding the baby on my hip

shitty bands

with contracts and riders

demanding white towels and tofu

meeting some very awesome folks

the north texas punk scene

making zines

while pete sang new lyrics for

eli to tune of desperato

holding him up

explaining the beauty

found in swimsuit additions

ted doing the daily grind at some fucking waste of time job

keeping us in food

never enough to get ahead

just survival

there was a pure love for it all

before we became jaded adults

today it’s baby asprin regiments and tums by the handful

it’s fighting for the advancement of justice and equality

while still attempting to avoid prison or watch-lists

it’s death and sickness

the brilliance of brain damage

inhaling too much freon

massive amounts of dope

creating monsters of predators

assassins of souls

it’s doctor appointments


frustration at idiocy

it’s driving to new mexico

marriage proposals

planning weddings under the moon

in herds of radio telescopes

these days the big deal is a diploma and applications

taking the “you can’t”

and prevailing as the conqueror

with a big smile

and a fuck you on the lips

eyes dancing

preparing for dorm life

packing then unpacking

then packing again

everything holds a different meaning

in the shadow of age

drinking metimucil by the shot and a calcium supplement chaser

beer pong looks stupid

like a big mess to clean up in the morning

somehow through all the then and now and all of the in between

we managed to grow up


do the right thing


paying electric bills

well rounded meals focusing on nutrition

bringing in books that were paid for

no longer looking behind us

discussing world politics with the kids

before buses come and honk

giving a damn that the neighbors are asleep and might have to work

knowing what a justin bieber is

appreciating toy story as art

we have grown into all that we never wanted to be


but the promises whispered in times of panic and pain upheld

it won’t be too much longer until all the birdies have left the nest

our lives are rearranged again without consent or control

it’s kind of a breath of fresh air

to move with life as it comes

plan for the future but live for today…

almost too simple




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