let’s give a warm welcome

everything is flooded

a maze under water

the darkness says it all

in words muted

screams of panic and self denial

no sound

mouth gaping, eyes bulging veins standing out

the muscle under the eye twitching an sos

ancient politeness giving way to social caricactures

extended fear and madness a desperate attempt

crawling through an impossibility

wishes of flying

to see the pattern of twists and turns laying ahead

the sun blotted out by origami leaves hanging down

branches bending and bowing

the queen has arrived

with sassy swagger

riding on the float of delusions

simple simon no longer a necessary part of the puzzle

we have moved

above and beyond

the facts of history

the science of life

no longer handed to an absent father

the one who misses every birthday

not even a phone call

the intimate disillusionment of the common class is lost

while the purposeful self indulgence is offered to the rest

the lowly needing an escape

the uppers handing them out

junk traded like baseball cards

for the right combination

the perfect melding of payment and adoration is needed

praise and love the ones above

they hold the key to sanity

walk in peace and stay hidden in shadows

cast by midday sun

the tales of tales of legend and myth

symbols carved in bark

runes and stars chiseled

into the face of a monolith

burned into dirt

the warning lost to the ones who cannot see

the arrogantly blind

the gluttons and the liars

thieves and killers

huddled together

making plans and harvesting ideas

of domination and genocide

so sing praises

to the god and the queen and the life in between

place it in a choke hold and watch it suffocate

now forever yours





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