the itsy bitsy spider

the echoing residue of lives forgotten or tossed aside


the air is thick and uncomfortable

blinding and back-breaking

the great expectation

hanging and hovering

caught in the web

lilith cursed for refusing to submit to her fella

she was defective

choirs of prepubescent boys

sing to the love and honor

of adam

the desperate clingy eve

on a midsummer night

fruit in hand

forgetting the first

the equal

the wife who refused to consent

pissing off the god of the twelve tribes

a dash of mockery smiling

the over-zealous feminine

with too many opinions and demands

now spinning webs

chasing flies for the remainder of eternity

painted in the color of demons

the succubus with wet  red lips

tempting promising with glances of lust and hunger

mouth watering

she was just too much woman for to keep

wild and unruly

enjoying herself more than her man

defining the core truth alone

the independence of nations settled in her heart

she refused weakness

the poor adam

a partner of opinions and legs laced together

no seed could be planted in that fertile land

echoes of begging

the god of the jews

the el

the big boss

the man of the hour waiting

the cycles set in

spring turned to summer

summer into fall

and god deemed him worthy

the creation of eve

the warm waters

the gift of the ignorant gal

made of the flesh

forced love and hope

there would be no intermission

no illusion

no trust

no light

o, what a stupid creature

so easily manipulated by nature

using sex

the twisting writhing hips of lust and power

feeding the forbidden fruit

fucking into senslessness

the power held in the warmth between her legs

a weapon of mass destruction

no escape

bound together in rejection

faces behind masks

hide and go seek

with the omnipotent

the creature of all good and bad

every knowing

the land of milk and honey is just a time of conception moving through all

and embracing life

and love

and hope

and fear

disasters and earthquakes

until one day the oxygen runs out

the physical rots down to sweetness

we are granted now

chasing after what you have is an attempt to hold light

the silly games

the power struggles

the need for different

for more and more

it is inside

between the nucleolus and electrons

the subatomic space

is a jazz club full of smoke and pretense

asking permission for pardons

an unnecessary task

passing the buck

absolving actions and inaction

promising a reprieve from guilt

acquired through moments of apathy

the love story of human birth found in leather binding

bought and sold

the lifetime original movie

with the twist and turns of a damn good drama

mother eve set us up

lilth ran too far

adam is now growing weed

while the christ sits on a beach in florida drinking a corona and jello shots

a liberation in motel rooms

halos for sale in on street corners, jack

there is a good deal of toxicity and loathing left over and put on ice

hell for the masses lake of fire and all

fear is not faith

faith is not afraid

lilith whispers in the ears of women at night

giving them tthe strength to fight

there will be a day when faith is not needed to determine action and feelings

the men will laugh and the ladies will play

dancing under the stars lunar spotlight


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