dr freakenstein and the unicorn

many days going anywhere creates an uncomfortable twist of the gut

it is impossible not to notice the strange walk and broken frustrated talk

muscles stiff, jerks and twitches, blue eyes shaking and searching

choking on food, unable to force it down before drawing a breath

violent vomiting a way to mark territory as mine and mine alone

the looks of strangers with the sad eyes and fake smiles cuts deep

the friends who disappear because it’s just too hard to hang out

and the friends who hang out because that is what is expected

sleep an evasive foe hiding in shadows just out of reach

tests and specialists and specialist tests all labeled in code

eeg, ekg, ent, mri, cbc, a1c, egd-all sounding like titles of dukes

pfizer’s making a pretty penny off of my unfortunate health

doctors who are more concerned with pawning off bullshit

an underground network of predatory physicians selling elixirs

you should at least try the magic tonic,  do you like being fat?

the care and compassion of the doctor with the twinkly eyes died

leaving behind capitalist pigs licking blood from the mighty dollar

there is no team of well trained medical staff working together

orders contradicting orders, denial letters and forgotten referrals

pills that cancel pills that require a new pill to pick up the slack

and all the while, during this behind the scenes insanity is a woman

a woman with a family, who loves to cook, slowly painfully slipping away

wikipedia is not going to help in a differential diagnosis of a neurological issue

charts full of lies and deceit, pages of contradictions and fairy tales

taking the easy way out, never taking a moment to listen and understand

you go into the extravagant bullshit store and purchase wood by sergio

you lay next to your wife and hug your kids and use words without hesitation

i struggle to remember what happened yesterday, walking in confusion and fear

i am a story teller unable to speak clearly, my children carry me to my room

my house whispers echos of fears unspoken by the sentient beings jaw locked

in the corner behind the cobweb is the last ounce of hope we have left


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