heroes without capes

darkness can lay heavy on the shoulders of those who scrape together the audacity to be

there are days it comes alive, fingers wisping out and wrapping around the neck, squeezing

it is a darkness brewed in the cauldron of the fearful, bubbling for days, incantations whispered

taking form and finding thought, the monster sniffing the air, the hunter has spotted prey

the girl born into the body of a man, demanding to be themselves despite scorn from townsfolk

refusing to live miserable, risking everything for a chance to show their true beauty, to shine

force-fed guilt and dogma perfected over the centuries, deemed unacceptable by biological ties

threats of violence emerging from long-time friends, once playmates now cowboy enforcers

the safety of social acceptability has scurried out the window, tidal waves of fear pounding

despite the wall of flesh wielding bats and poles of rusted iron, thirsty for blood and domination

to stand tall as the truth, a refusal to deny even when filled with fear, a love for self, this is bravery

a young man, so smart, so kind, so misunderstood, living in the punchline of jokes, modern pariah

unwavering empathy refusing to allow retaliation for the inhumane and torturous treatment, anguish

outcast and ignored, all action distorted or misinterpreted and used as kindling to burn him at the stake

signs taped to his back, while “peers” invade personal space grabbing, touching, humiliating, degrading

the sadness painting his face gaunt and tired, holding his smile back, very unsure of social footing

name calling and twisting nails into the insecurity of a teenage boy, digging into the all of him

despite cuts and scars seeing his attacker hurt causes him pause compelling him to show true concern

the very idea that he may have hurt another person is devastating, a sin of nature he can’t live with

hearing the words echoing through the all of him, reverberating in subatomic crannies

yet in the face of sadness and the public lashing of ego, he refuses to allow it to dominate him

he shows up, he speaks his truth despite deaf ears, refusing to give up compassion, this is bravery

darkness can come and try it’s hand, attempting to possess that which is beautiful, strong and brave

there is no taking away the light and the hope found coursing in the beauty of the courageously valiant

to live a satisfying and benevolent life is not to avoid discomfort, it is to see the darkness, face the pain

eyes wide open

then kick it’s ass



  1. Vamsi Nallapareddy · May 29, 2014

    Amazing lines!

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