fish heads and amphetamines

the gall you have tucked away for occasions

you are an insect

a vermin

scrounging in the waste of life

consuming and taking

a sickness

repugnant in all aspects

hallucinations of valor and importance

caused by crystal insomnia

stealing and whoring

all the time assuring yourself

you are stellar

it’s normal

it’s acceptable

even exceptional

the way you slither and shake

a convict with conviction


a love for the lord almighty with the pull back

the cousin of the cousin of the mother of the girls you broke and terrorized

dancing cheek to cheek

after a few miller lites and great gods of ganja

but the best is yet to come

the big score always around the next corner

there is overpopulation and starvation

and the world has to give space

to the duo of blithering idiot transgressor

your actions have made you invalid as a human

you are something much less

i would say you are evil

but you are just too fucking pathetic

for such adjectives

half dead with the orange sickness

the dancing antibodies of the methhead

making reservations for a night at the park

the lip-smacking cretin plus one


it’s a pathetic loathsome life

with pathetic loathsome people

nothing left but a broke mule whore of a lover

you’re bad taste in the back of the throat

a shadow on a leash

the fool doing the alphabet shuffle

kickin it in head bob park

you are the spotlight for after-school specials and don’t do drug campaigns

but fading fast falling


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