too much

it has been decades of nonsense and insanity

slamming doors and talking shit like a coward

no need for discussion or being an adult

your view of past events are clouded and narcissistic

telling the kids lies, painting pictures of your perfection

everything is a tragedy a drama never a calm word

busting into private spaces screaming apologies

“sorry to interupt but this is what i said on facebook”

witty comments behind a computer screen

the real world is too hard, too sharp, it’s too complicated

“do it for me!” “i don’t know how” “it’s a part of my problem”

always a good card to play when real becomes clear

excuses and justification, years of forced forgiveness

it’s destroying me from the inside out a burning

i have no answers, just a continuous line of questions

questions i am too afraid to ask and too pissed not to know

no matter what i do, how hard i work, the honeyed smiles

everything is conspiracy,,,

not being able to put your new toy away to talk to your kids

missing out on every event they have ever had, not high priority

children are not dolls to be put on shelves and looked at

it’s time you grow the fuck up and act like a dad

not just take the credit for the work done in your absence



One comment

  1. teddy rannila · June 19, 2014

    shared on facebook. great work, like usual.

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