human body is about 60% water and it talks to the sea

the lightening flashes and the thunder smashes

when living my life like this i am stirring a fire forgotten

a living entity inside my body once thought to be dead

you guard me and wake that feral part in my being

it’s the cry of the valkyrie

with those chosen fearless and brave

the climatic escape from the battlefield then to valhalla

out of breath

gasping and clenching

eyes wild and furious

shirt pulled over my head

the resl-new decor for old dwellings

feet tangled in the headboard

hands lost in tangles of hair

the mindless madness

pleading desperation pain of possibilities

can overthrow and compromise

even the best of planned events

but nobody dies a with a smile when they are too afraid to live

the screaming

the fighting

the turmoil

tears and sobs

just reactions

there are times it is the pain of war

the pit of the mind as dark as the sea

it is the call of something before light

before noise

the sound of genesis

a sorrow so demanding we must exercise it

before it consumes the lot of us

there are times the light shines so bright

with such joy

no sun can compare

it is on those days i would like to call god and all the gods before and after

a joyous occasion

to celebrate the beauty that glistens in the holiest of purity

but my love for you

is an unbridled tornado chasing cars under bridges

it is the unexpected rainbow in the east and west

the taste of fresh honey

they tell me i was alive before that night

it seems ages, lifetimes ago

seeing you laugh

the true beauty of life in your smile

no sunset compares

smoking a cigarette in shadows with whispers and the cold wind biting

standing on the front porch

tears streaming like rivers watching you go

silently sobbing and pleading

to any forces listening to see you again

my aces finally came through

my truth shook and shimmied


the big bang in all it’s glory and splendor is a flicker in a closet

the universe was created in your eyes

conception began in your touch

seeing your head back and shimmering laughter

i know what formed stars

your sadness is the cry of a lost child

your tears forming clear pools

a cleansing

you are a raindrop in a drought

giving life to the earth to start again

you are rebirth

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