a toast to humanity-shall she always pay on time

there are huge holes

where it all fell apart

sometimes eroded

acid burning through

smoke, ash, smoldering

they stand back

tears dripping from eyes

mothers squeezing tight

children shaking, muted

expendable, cheap labor

humanity in their faces

ignored, never seen

just another disaster

just another hand-out

our ties to life unraveling

most a means to an end

most are commodities

who gives a fuck

why should anyone care

just people in mud-huts

throwing rocks and animal shit

hospitals, schools, all the same

this is the legacy we are leaving

murder, rape, torture, mockery

and genocide-

what a nasty word

calling forth images

of hitler and pavelic

dancing in your mind

discussions over coffee

dreams of manifest destiny

deranged and far away

it’s all someone else’s problem

so easy to forget

the united states built by slaves

sweet sweet cortez the rapist

columbus an idiot murderer

great founders and brave men








annihilation of nations

selling and trading people

the lessons of the past

the promises on paper

treaties burned

we are sophisticated

all high tech and savvy


tar sands




theft of resources


fascist reaction to civil uprising

pepper spraying old ladies

killing men who sit quietly

children hit with sticks

grey matter smeared on bricks

imprisoning the poor

creating race riots

to keep division

to maintain authority

our eyes are opening

we are no longer sleeping

dreaming your poppy dreams

we are too effected

you went too far

the death of trayvon martin

the arrest of chelsea manning

refusing access to water in south america

earthquakes with no fault lines

slick evasion with two-sided answers

watching death

watching feminine

watching hunger

watching denial

restaurants pouring poison

on top of food so no one

can eat it

it’s not something of the past

it is today

it’s not something far away

it’s in our towns

it’s not done by some brown guy in a turban

it is those we pay

it is palin

it is bush1

it is bush2

it is chaney

it is bauchman

it is obama

it is shannon

it is keystone xl

it is the correction corp of america

it is the geo group

it is police

it is minimum wage

it’s borders

monsters created and funded

by us to keep us where they want us

and if we get too out of hand

and ask too many questions

there is always a gag

a tragedy

a means to destroy

there can always be burning embers


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