the puppet show starts at 1:00

moses went mad

when he shimmied down

the face of mount sinai

he knew god ran out of ink

before the last words

“thou shall think for thy self”

that is the crux of it all

determining the scam from reality

now that’s the money maker

weeding through the piles

of nonsensical bullshit

disguised in a pink chiffon dress

we live and learn and lie

it’s the way it has been

since the evolution and development

of the prefrontal cortex

manipulation comes too quickly

greed, lust, gluttony can be found

at the nearest all you can eat joint

those with shoving food

nonstop into their mouths

while others wait quietly

by the dumpsters

in hopes the cat a the hairnet

smoking a cigarette

is too lazy to pour the poison

on top of the potential meal

just a small ray of hope

brought about by starvation

and sleep deprivation

everything else dances away

need is all that remains

rational, acceptable, obtainable

just concepts that cost too much

participation through apathy

to ignore and forget echoes consent

those on top, nameless and faceless

pulling strings forcing plastic smiles

they don’t worry, they don’t fret

their children do not get sick

all is right in the world

but down here in fuckedville

poverty and desperation is the fuel

every moment is reaction

our instincts polished

time is a luxury item

that we simply cannot afford


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