and at the bottom was hope

there are journeys

a one creature path

necessary and frivolous

a mind needs respite

and the body purged

taking trips to real

spiraling down

consumed in darkness

thick moist cold

with water sprouting

from every pore

fear hatred sadness

news flashes:

  • “a deadly disease killing morality-story at six”
  • “they are not human enough”
  • “the war on terror….”
  • “dead”
  • “friendly fire”
  • “war on drugs”
  • “cartels and automatic rifles”

another child dead

another child dead

another child dead

another man of color

caged, sitting in pink shorts

another family shattered

another mother caged

too poor to buy hotdogs

her life stolen for $0.99

another woman too pretty

used as a cum depository

it ripples and writhes

through all of us

when you turn off

your internal dialogue

their screams

their pleading

their terror

swims through you

turn on the television

and drink a beer

in the lazyboy recliner

or close your eyes

and spin in circles

holding your breath

for hours and days

for months and years

disregard humiliate destroy

there can be no absolution

no pardon, no award

so stumble and stutter

away from







scream and convulse in darkness

you cannot escape

matter is connected

energy never dies

there is no place to run

and not hear humanity’s cries

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