the mouths of volcanos

monsters in the mirror

screaming clammering

bleeding and ready

ogres live

in the middle

of the shadow

and dissolve in the light

the spider web

silk and lovely

a predator’s alarm system

mermaids in the foam

where the fresh and salt

collide and mingle

like the people

those people

the dirty martinis

and unpronounceable wine

they are the center

the danger

alchemists of social constructs

those holding trinkets

lovely rare and shimmering

worthless, useless and vile

but once established

they need to be owned

the rat-race and the mazes

idiot after idiot pushing

trampling children and mothers

killing elders

destroying wisdom

those once lovely in spirit

those who were meek

the kind, the gentle

the most honorable

morphed into creatures

in three piece suits

beautiful skin

lovely mouths

screeching, demanding

more and more and more

to break the body

is a simple task

pulling the soul

detaching morals

dissecting happiness

these are skills

hideous and macabre

the game of humanity

the have and havenots

the different boxes

and silly sneetches



universal judgement

a separation from your god

outcomes and repercussions

will always take their turn to dance


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