then it all makes sense

the rumble jumble

quality and quirkiness

those who aren’t plastic

or fillers

the ones of substance

the beauty that stands the test of time

living shadows with form

they are known on sight

since birth, comprehension

nameless faceless loves

floating through cellular structure

like a feather on the ocean

seemingly meaningless

but causing shifts

turning worlds

killing parts

sprouting life into others

there is a part that belongs

in with beside, beyond

they are on a visa in the core

vacationing in the love and life

the all the critical the truth

they are the rivers

carving canyons into the crux

herbivores carnivores omnivores

each new and unique and oh so too much

painted princesses and women warriors

princes of compassion and equality

those brave champions of nonconformity

living beyond feminine and in masculine

the zenith of humanity-beautiful and smart

the fairy laughing sparkles who is water

bring water to my parched soul,

hearts, legs, lungs that burst from within:

the golden angel of love and rich insights,

the wise and strong emotional sampson,

the boy who brings comfort and warmth;

the lovely woman studying the stars and living in my son’s heart,

the captain of intellects-best friend and arch enemy,

my hero in all aspects: sage, poet, mother, philosopher

brave, brawn, brainy, beautiful, bad-ass,

the man strong enough and right enough and good enough

to love a powerhouse woman,

the empathetic boy feeling the pain and shame for them,

the young lady so smart and so sure and so beautiful,

the mother-figure who is the loudest quiet person

expressing herself in symbols and haunting looks,

the beautiful girl being split apart by outside forces

who will never know her potential because of the lies,

the friend who carries me when illness or insanity take over,

the woman good enough to love him truly,

the master of psychology and walking kindness,

the man who will not pause when wrongs need righting,

the mellow storyteller who is a soft blanket,

a damsel painting profiles on bathroom walls,

the gal living in new orleans creating cosmos,

my dearest chainsaw wielding friend with dancing eyes,

the nomad, the herder, the singer, the dancer, the sign carrier…..

each and every one turning wheels and brave, never stopping or pausing

never thinking the job is done because there is always more

it’s jung and synchronicity

anam cairde cogar sa dorchadas-

soul friends whisper in darkness


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