my sweetest keely elizabeth

wondering through the looking glass

walking in a bewildering maze

fascination growth direction

we have always been.

watching your torment and torture

as i am bound and unable

and i try and fight and bite and scream

the chains are heavy around me

but i cannot see them

i cannot touch them

i am rendered helpless

centuries ago maybe

or maybe last week

a meeting of the minds was called to order

together those of enlightenment or lethargy

carved the motto of lies

“there is a first time for everything”

but there was never to be a first time for tears

to fall from the most beautiful eyes

traveling springs down the golden cheeks

there was never a time for you to be alone

to fight battles of psyche

while naked and cold shivering exposed

promises were made and broken

over and over and over again

i see the young me in the young you

and i remember my promise

i remember the whispers in your tiny ear

and sealing them with kisses on your head of curls

i may be the worst of the lot

i may be your worst enemy

tied helpless i allowed hopeless

i am paralyzed and locked

i see you search for me

and i am no longer visible

doom is hunting you

the glam and glitter

shining lights and superstardom

in a world that is cruel

the most vicious vipers are the most beautiful

it’s alluring and deceitful and will destroy purity

it’s a never ending loop of disaster

i need to find the you that is locked

i need to hand you a branch

an anything to grab and hold onto

the world’s loveliest jewel

don’t live my life, my sweet

fast and fun feels like freedom

until you run out of road

dead ends with no caution signs

you are worth more than they tell you

twirl and dance and laugh and live

i am still with you

listen for the whisper

and no matter what you do or you don’t

no matter what they say

sing your theme song loud and proud

you are gold diamonds amber rubies and sapphires

you are the warm sunshine on the faces

you are delight

never forget the power destined in your blood


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