frantic phone calls

pulling off dirty clothes

and sliding into clean duds

tears and fears and dread

speeding down the highway

fuck a ticket, fuck a speed limit

getting slightly turned around in our hometown

the white cross is the hospital

jumping through fire and walking tightropes

inside outside front back

twisting turning labyrinth of metal and death

we found our clan, thinking we had time

another chance to kiss a hand

another word to whisper in the ear

just one more moment

but we were too late

when the body was free

no monitors

no plastics



they came to get us

the solemn walk to analyze death’s work

the job had been done thoroughly

she could not have been more abscent

there was no sign or trace or memory of her in the room

but in the eyes of  “H” there she was

and when “L” laughs, that is her

she dances inside

genetically and enviromentally

for decades we smashed skulls

mostly because we are much too pig headed

she ushered me into motherhood

and held my hand as i crossed

into the neither here nor there

the patient time

we did have the years of laughter

the phone calls of joyful love


thank you, kathy

thank you for:












and fruit salad

we will write stories and songs about you

the kindness and love

we will light candles and celebrate

and we will cry because it’s hard to be apart

thank you for the past 21 years

One comment

  1. Lili · December 15, 2014

    Thank you, Gracie, you finally shook the tears out of me, I needed it.

    I’m gonna call y’all early this afternoon

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