blood on the calla lily is a marvelous memory

i had a dream

so vivid, so clear, so lucid

my senses so provoked, so deranged

i cannot say for sure it was a dream or omen

i was wondering around

window shopping and people analyzing

the later of which i am known to do

even in the world outside of my dreams

but i loathe shopping-window or otherwise….

forgive me i lost my thought train…the dream

i was surrounded by steel and glass and concrete

i turned left or maybe it was right

but if it were right it was at the wrong place

my dream me wandered and wondered

then skipped and sang, whirling and twirling

because in dreams you can run even without legs

i must have walked thousands of dream miles

i must have walked for hundreds of dream days

the glass and concrete crumbled

there had been an epic battle

the passionate animated fighting the cold artificial

and by the looks of it all, the victor was the living things

there were groves of oak trees, ancient and warm

the grass was green and moist, soft under my feet

i could smell the sweetness of lilac and wisteria

there were bits of mistletoe hanging from branches

tiny hills of berries and nuts gathered on the path

i found refuge and rejuvenation and happiness

i spent time talking to life and listening as it replied

it was a spot of serenity, a retreat, but not home

and home was an unavoidable place

the way home was solemn and dour

as i walked ahead, painted people emerged

some in masks with sequence

some wearing the faces of animals

people dressed as nymphs and fairies

still others had simply painted smiles from ear to ear

i knew them all, even with their faces disguised

they were people i loved

they were people who said they loved me

friends and family descending on me

attacking like wolves on a deer

ripping me apart, gouging my eyes

crushing my trachea

joyfully leaving me there

to die properly and clean up when i finished



  1. (P.I.S.) Punx In Solidarity · January 21, 2015

    Good One. Happy New Year!

    • cakeleevannila · January 24, 2015

      thank you so much!!!! i hope you have a wonderful 2015 also!!!!!

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