the face in the mirror is not mine

there is no truth sung from mouths

untold stories and indecent acts of forgetfulness

building grand mansions and r0lling estates

are the treasures of the economic scoundrel

but everyone can survive without nike and nestlee

the untruths told by known liars are job requirement

it’s the loves that break the insides apart

the loves stir passion and fear

a never ending changing of the guard

i have always heard or perhaps read it in a hallmark card

“a broken heart will mend”

what about a heart that has been shattered

can a heart be replaced by a cold instrument

i wish on every shooting star that could be

take away the ugly and the inferior

take away my defects that repulse 7 billion people

take away the desire to be loved

take away the desire to love

my place will be quietly in the shadows

until i am a raindrop



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