i close my eyes and all is beautiful

greetings and salutations given freely

“yes, sir!  it’s so nice to see you!!!”

“how are you today, ma’am?”

but no one gives a fuck

the waitress with big tits

and the happy dimples

just enough flirtation that you think maybe

but it’s the only way to slide home

we want to be special, to someone, to anyone

we try, some wise up and some keep bowing

personal preference, i guess, or self-deceit, same thing

we paint our frowns upside down

add glitter and glamor and the right shoes

when we walk we waltz

and when we waltz tom waits sings

gathering collections of people, like coins

the more you have, the more secure you are

mothers, lovers, sisters, brothers, friends, comrades

dears and darlings calling and sending love and regards

but tickets to life’s circus are cheap and people are cheaper

and most can be purchased for a pint of heaven hill

what else can be expected from chemical reactions

oxygen carbon hydrogen nitrogen calcium phosphorus

getting bored…in need of stimulation

throw in barrels of radium, benzene and paco

pour two fingers of fine scotch light a cigar

and prepare for conversations with the divine



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